Pig Mag 78

[FR] Il y a de ça un mois ou deux, je répondais à une mini interview pour le magazine italien Pig Mag. Ce dernier inaugurait ainsi une page dédiée à Whaleless. Voici l’interview en anglais (langue dans laquelle elle a été faite) accompagnée de l’image G.M qui l’illustre dans le magazine et également un lien vers le pdf de ce numéro. L’interview se situe à la page 142.

[ENG] A month or two ago, I was being interviewed by the italian magazine Pig Mag. The later initiated a page dedicated to Whaleless. Thus, here is the interview in english together with the illustration that was published in the magazine. You can also download and read the whole Pig Mag issue here. The interview (in italian) is to be found page 142.


The Interview :

Pig Mag : Have you ever seen a Whale?

A.P : Never, alas.

What is your relation with the sea/oceans?

A mix of fascination and fear which are, by the way, two complementary emotions.

Think about changing yourself into a “marine being”, which one will you choose?

Poseidon or the Kraken to make some things right. But on the other hand I’d love to be a Limulus polyphemus and I would taunt the fishes, saying them I’m nearly 500 millions years old.

What is your favorite element (water, fire, earth, air)?

Maybe earth for it is an element I often use as a texture in my works.

Do you believe that art is only for art itself or that has to bring a message?

Quite hard to answer to that question in a few words… And I will have even less place to answer it if I keep on writing that it is a difficult question that requires many argumentations… That’s quite a dilemma you see… So…

Let’s say that having an emotion with an art experience is the message.

How would you describe the world we live in?

A tremendous Roller Coaster with a big hole in the top rails of its biggest spiral.

How do you imagine it in year 2028?

I guess the wagons will have reached the top of this very spiral and that there’ll be some loud screams.

Can you make a list of words that you feel close to your way of making art?

In the right order :

Hesitations. There and back. Triturate. Diving. Sculpting. Relief. Oblivion.

Do you have a recurrent dream/nightmare?

While sleeping you mean? If so, no I don’t have any. But I have plenty when I’m wide awake.

How did you make this Whale?

It is the same technique as all my other works : digital mixed-media. In other words, it is a mix of photos, drawings, textures. For instance, the texture of the whale is taken from a picture of an oiled bird. The sand on the ground is real sand too.

What are you working at now?

I’ve finished illustrating my first children book, Sam, written by french author Jérôme Noirez. It’ll be out in France the 5th of november. If you want to have a look, Sam has her own Myspace page : www.myspace.com/sametlesdecoupules. I’m also working on an exhibition project with the same person based on an Imaginary Urban Guide of the town I live in, Le Mans. And last but not least, I’m currently taking notes about what could be my next illustrated book…

Interview made by Giovanni Cervi