La Maison Sans-Pareil, tome 2

La Maison Sans-Pareil, t.2 - Elliot Skell - Flammarion

[FR] Le 20 mars 2013 paraîtra le deuxième tome de la Maison Sans-Pareil d’Elliot Skell. Toujours chez Flammarion Jeunesse, il s’intitulera L’Homme au Masque. Pour rappel, voici à quoi ressemblait la couverture du tome 1.

[ENG] On march the 20th will be published in France by Flammarion Jeunesse the second volume of Elliot Skell’s saga La Maison Sans-Pareil (Neversuch House). As a reminder, here is how the first volume looked like.

La Maisons Sans-Pareil, tome 2

La Maison-sans-pareil

[FR] A paraître ce 6 juin chez Flammarion, le premier tome de La Maison-sans-pareilL’oiseau noir (Neversuch House) de l’auteur britannique Elliot Skell.
La présentation de l’éditeur : La famille Capelan vit en totale autarcie dans la maison Sans-Pareil, une vaste demeure où chacun est libre de poursuivre les passions de son choix. Un jour, Omnia aperçoit une ombre noire qui rôde autour de la maison et découvre que la demeure recèle un monde secret...

[ENG] On june the 6th, french editor Flammarion will publish the first book of Elliot Skell’s saga Neversuch House. Here is the artwork cover I did for this french edition.
Neversuch House is home to the very unusual Halibut family. Spanning generations, the Halibuts all live together totally isolated from the outside world, never needing – or wanting – to step outside the walls of Neversuch, with every whim being catered for by a mass of servants. But when twelve-year-old Omnia Halibut sees a hooded figure emerging from the woods by the Wall, she can’t help but wonder who the man is and why he is skulking around the House. And as Omnia sets out to discover the truth she triggers a chain of events that threatens to destroy Neversuch House forever. For the House is steeped in secrets, secrets that some people want to remain hidden, and, as Omnia tries to unravel the mysteries of Neversuch House, someone is watching her, and they will do anything to stop her from revealing the truth…