3 thoughts on “La Fille du Roi des Elfes

  1. I am a published poet, and a disabled U.S.M.C. Veteran of Vietnam at war. I love this picture because it fits a poem I am publishing entitled, “A Visit From A Maiden. Xlibris Publishing,2003. I would ask for permission to use this in my newest book of poetry entitled, “Come Let’s Journey On The Trail That Is Red,” because this picture is so similar to above poem which I have written May I use this above picture< To go with my above mentioned poem? Thank you for your consideration. Lucian A. Tower

    • Dear Lucian, thanks a lot for your message and for your interest in this picture. Alas, its copyrights belong to french editor Gallimard who ordered it for its new edition of Lord Dunsany’s classical novel. The decision to lend it to you doesn’t even belong to me. Yet, I do hope you’ll find some other works to fit to your poem and its future publication.

  2. Thank you for your return and explanation. It is a beautiful piece of art, and would have fit one of my poem nearly exactly. I appreciate you reply and message. Thanks again! Lucian A. Tower

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