[FR] Ultime tome de la saga Apocalypsis d’Eli Esseriam (Matagot – Nouvel Angle), Oméga est désormais disponible en librairie. En voici donc la couverture reprenant les quatre cavaliers croisés au fil des tomes précédents.

[ENG] Omega, the last book of the Apocalypsis saga by Eli Esseriam (Matagot – Nouvel Angle), is now available in french bookstores. Consequently, here is its artwork depicting the four knights met in the previous publications.

5 thoughts on “Oméga

  1. the faces and expression on them are haunting,,,,,,I see the wife and daughters fiercely protecting the father from some horror, He is not quite aware of it, but they see it coming,,,,,enemy,police,bad news,terrible illness ? what do they see and he is yet oblivious but wary…….I see the person at the bottom as a young, frail,but mature man

    • I am so sorry,,I do not read french,,,,but,, how would I get the books in america,, and would they be in english,,,,,anything aurelien police is involved with is wonderful,,,,I have gotten many cds because his art is on the cover,,,,,happily, though, I have loved the music as well…….ha,,,,I live in a small place and there is nowhere here to teach me french,,,,,,,,,,so sad,,,,, my high school french is just about gone ! thank you, nancy

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