Let’s shake some dust !

[FR] Les abonnés à ce blog
l’auront sans doute compris (et subi), j’ai réalisé quelques ajustements en ces lieux afin de mettre en place de nouvelles rubriques et galeries qui, je l’espère, s’avéreront plus agréables à l’emploi.
N’hésitez donc pas à farfouiller à droite à gauche sous la rouille et la poussière, il y a certainement de nouvelles choses à voir ou à lire. Les remarques éventuelles sont bien évidemment les bienvenues.

[ENG] Subscribers to this blog have probably figured out that I have made some adjustments in this very place with the adding of new sections and galleries that will (I hope) be more convenient.
So feel free to go here and there since there is certainly something new to see or read under the dusty rust. Of course, any comments are warmly welcome.

9 thoughts on “Let’s shake some dust !

  1. yes, very sad…but it is so far from home,,,,,,i dont cross the ocean much either,,,,but i am enjoying the prints i am able to have,,,,i have given spikys cd as gifts also and get comments on your art on the cover,,,,every different opinions,,,,,from beautiful, to strange to amazing to wonderfully unusual !!! i have open up one of mine and actually framed it !!! thank you again for being so creative for us your fans to enjoy,,, nancy

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